Kyle Syn

Human Jedi Mystic (Seer)


At a young age, he was a street urchin, his family unknown to him, working hard for barely enough for to sustain himself. Even still he showed compassion to try and ease the suffering of others around him. He could feel and see things no one else around him was able to, and he was able to use this to help others. It was almost as if the universe itself was guiding him on what to do to make small differences. He lived most of his childhood like this, friends changing every week, rebuilding or relocating what he called his box of a home, new employers to feed him.

Perhaps it was fate, perhaps it was chance, but one day he sensed a strong current flowing through the city. It was like nothing he ever felt before, it was as if there was a presence that was calling out to him. It compelled him to seek the source. Unknowingly leaving his old life behind he set out on a journey across the city. He spent days trying to find it, it was as if it kept moving, not trying to evade him, but just going about its own business. After a week he found something, a coin on a table outside of a canteena. As soon as he touched it, he had a glimpse of a vision, he saw himself standing in a clearing of forest he’s never seen before, wearing clothing that he didnt own, yet it all felt familiar, as if it was a memory. The presence that he followed to get here was suddenly gone, as if it was now being hidden, there was just a murmur of its remnants. However in its wake he now felt absolute dread. There was something else there all along that he didnt notice, but now it was as if there was a tidal wave of hate and anger. It was barreling towards him and he was locked in fear. He looked down the alley way and there he saw it. A thing garbed in black, eminating the primal desire for destruction, weilding a red blade of pure hate. In an instant it was upon him, staring him down. He could sense it wanted to know where the person who left the coin was, he could sense that it knew that he didnt know and was going to destroy him. In a flash of red clashing on blue and him frozen in fear, the wave of the first presence returned and he saw a Jedi in between him and that thing. In a few quick motions the being of anger was slain. With a quick beckon and a hand wave, he followed the jedi as he brought him someplace safe. The jedi introduced himself as Jedi Master Radharc and explained he wasn’t expecting for someone else to be able to sense the coin he used for bait, for only those strong in the ways of the Force would be able to. Kyle was offered a chance to leave his old life behind and to come with Radharc to Tython to see if the Jedi masters would accept him into the order and to become Master Radharc’s apprentice.

Years pass and Kyle has been taking to his training well, swearing to uphold the jedi way, learning the basics of how to better control the force and use it as an extension of his being. When not training his body, he seeks knowledge and spends his time in the archives, learning all that he can. His quest for knowledge led him to searching beyond the archives, to find if things he read were real, that there were powerful artifacts that can contain even more knowledge than what the archive contained, some secrets were even eluded to be that of pure destruction with no remedy or counter. How can such power exist without a polar opposite, the question clawed at him. Master Radharc told him that it is possible for it to have a counter but such amounts of power often corrupted those who sought it, he was told not to dwell on it for it would consume him down a path that there might not be salvation from.

Kyle’s was ramping up his training so that he could undergo his knight trials with Master Radharc was trying to prepare him for them as much as he could. They journeyed to a ancient temple on a moon of lesser known system to seek out an artifact that interested both of them. It wasnt far from a spaceport mainly used for refueling trading vessels and seated deep in the woods. The artifact that they sought was an ancient holocron created by one of the Miraluka that was rumored to contain techniques of seeing through the force. While in the temple they were ambushed by a being of pure hatred and destruction. The feeling was similar to the one they first encountered together but this one was much more refined and powerful. Kyle became separated from his master and was forced to attempt to flee when the temple started to collapse. Barely making it out he no longer sensed his master and found his master’s lightsaber discarded near the entrance of the ruins. Fearing the worst and feeling the raging anger of the being within he ran away.

Feeling defeated and lost as he believes he lost his master, he swore off using a lightsaber until he completes becoming a knight. Fearing of being hunted, he travels along lesser known routes getting rides from who he can, aiding them along the way as he attempts to get back to Tython to inform them of his masters fate.
Unbeknownst to him, Kyle has already set off on his knight trials. Master Radharc forsaw the encounter with the dark master and set in motion a series of trials to prove that Kyle was worthy of being a Jedi upon his return to Tython.

Kyle Syn

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